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Yes. Xunlei broadens the capacity of uploading servers.
But I think the reason is NOT as you described, "the files are presented on
ADSL or modem machines".

As we know, those websites providing download services usually limit the
number of simultaneous downloading threads from a single IP address  (or
client), so that they can serve more users concurrently and avoid malicious
attacks. As a result, the speed of a user downloading a file from a single
server is constrained. Xunlei provides multiple servers to a user, thus
improving the parallelitiy.

On the other hand,  I think P2P content sharing is helpful to accelerate the
downloading process. But I am not sure whether it's practically enabled in

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David Barrett wrote:
> Wow, very interesting.  I can see the value of downloading in parallel 
> from multiple mirrors...
I can't. Assuming they're all servers with public IP addresses and
reasonable outbound bandwidth, having each client load-balanced to a single
specific server and downloading over a single TCP stream is more efficient
for the network -- and provides better download performance for the user --
than having multiple TCP streams fight over the same congestion-limited
download pipe.

The only reason to download from multiple sources simultaneously is the case
where upstream capacity of serving nodes is a small fraction of downstream
capacity (see: P2P filesharing network where the files are only present on
ADSL or cable modem connected user machines), and thus there'd be no way to
fill the download pipe otherwise.

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