[p2p-hackers] How to do p2p experiments

jiqing_wu jiqing_wu at 126.com
Mon Oct 30 19:05:59 EST 2006

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, Marco.
I also think that verifying the conclusions out of others'papers is so difficult.
I ever saw the conflicts from two articles and I want to know who is right.

Perhaps, I can only compare them through simulation.
As to the simulator, I only heared p2psim. 
Thanks for your mentioning overlayweaver and ns-2.
By the way, are there other simulators? thanks.

Personally I go through emulation and simulation (overlayweaver, ns-2,
p2psim..), or, in some cases, setting up a prototype on some vmware
hosts or a LAN (if you have the rights to do it).

In order to verify the conclusions out of others' paper is rather
difficult: you should have the same configurations, systems and general
situations that the authors had, and I think this is not always possible.


jiqing_wu wrote:

> Hi, every one.
> I'm new to p2p research.
> In your research, how to do experiments to verify the conclusions out
> of others' papers.
> and how to establish a p2p experiment environment?
> if only someone could give me some enlightenment.
> Thanks.
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