[p2p-hackers] Links to P2P Backup and P2P-Internet_DataCenters?

Ryan Barrett p2p-hackers at ryanb.org
Mon Aug 13 02:01:01 EDT 2007

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007, EdPimentl wrote:

> I would like to use P2P Technology to backup Virtual Machines Environment
> like VMWare/XEN...  Basically it would entail installing a Tahoe client in
> every instance of VmWare.... and or XEN... There are better cleaner ways to
> do it.. but at the most basic level this is what it needs to happen.

virtual machine containers like xen or vmware are more or less orthogonal to 
backup programs, p2p or otherwise. the backup program doesn't need to support 
the VM container explicitly, nor vice versa.

if you want to back up data that's inside a VM, just install the backup client 
inside the VM. if you want to back up the VM itself, install the backup client 
in the host OS and point it at the VM filesystem image and its metadata.



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