[p2p-hackers] Re: HTTP design flawed due to lack of understandingofTCP

Alexander Pevzner pzz at pzz.msk.ru
Thu Jan 11 14:37:03 EST 2007

Gregory P. Smith wrote:
> Why?  Because computers suck and that will -never- change.  Most have
> non-ECC RAM and many still use parallel ATA hard drives.  Both of
> which are prone to passing undetected bit errors in data on.  On top
> of that crappy consumer network equipment can corrupt data even
> further.  These are why if you run bittorrent you'll see it receiving
> pieces of the file that fail the hash check and redownloading them
> from somewhere else.

The probability of RAM or ATA data corruption is much lower, that
probability of data corruption on a network. After all, UDP datagrams
are only protected by a weak 16-bit checksum...

And although Ethernet frames are protected by 32-bit CRC, I believe
there are Ethernet controllers, that don't verify this CRC at frame

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