OFF LIST Re: [p2p-hackers] Penumbra Proof of Concept now available

Don Marti dmarti at
Wed Jan 24 13:09:25 EST 2007


> Well it is a proof of concept, not any kind of product.  But here is 
> what you can do with it: if you have two patched ipw3945 laptops 
> associated to different WPA networks but in range of each other, you can 
> send and receive unencrypted packets between the two laptops from 
> usermode without affecting the WPA association or transfer or security 
> on either laptop.  The packets are transmitted as SOCK_PACKET and 
> received as normal UDP to a specific port.

This looks like good stuff.  Would you be interested
in writing a technical article about the project
for  Thank you for your consideration.

Don Marti           
dmarti at

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