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Henry Sinnreich hsinnrei at adobe.com
Sat Aug 2 12:34:51 EDT 2008

Not directly related, but here is a more recent study why your social
network may require on the average 6.6 hops.



On 8/1/08 4:07 AM, "Renato Figueiredo" <renato at acis.ufl.edu> wrote:

> Dear list members,
> We have developed SocialVPN (socialvpn.org <http://socialvpn.org> ), a P2P
> virtual network that uses social network infrastructures to seamlessly
> bootstrap VPN links between social peers.
> The SocialVPN builds upon the open-source Brunet P2P library. We have extended
> the IPOP (IP-over-P2P) virtual network, a structured P2P system which features
> decentralized UDP hole punching, optimizations tailored to IP tunneling, and
> support for multicast DNS (Bonjour/Avahi). A key novel aspect of the SocialVPN
> is its ability to avoid conflicts between the VPN and a host's existing IPv4
> network by using private networks and dynamic address translation, a technique
> described in the COPS workshop this year.
> Our current implementation runs on Windows or Linux and uses the Facebook API,
> and bootstraps with an overlay deployed on PlanetLab. We are planning on
> implementations for other platforms and to support the OpenSocial API. If you
> are interested in using this software or develop applications around it, you
> can find documentation and downloads at http://socialvpn.org.
> Regards,
> --rf
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