[p2p-hackers] P2P or centralized

Scott Best sbest at echogent.com
Thu Aug 14 23:58:11 EDT 2008


	Heya. Gotta ask:

> Prior to the acquisition, the servers were off the shelf dedicated
> servers, and they could handle 100K connections/server without  
> breaking
> a sweat, and this was before any hard-core optimizations.

	Was that ...

* 100k persistent TCP connections/server, or
* 100k HTTP message/response clients per server?

	If the first, then I assume a *nix server (as Windows has an 18k
file handle limit)? And if the second...how did you maintain "state"
with the client without re-authenticating each message (which is
a lot of SSL work for 100k clients).

thanks for any insight,

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