[p2p-hackers] Agily Networks announce: p2p ipv6 VPN and file sync application

Alex Pankratov ap at poneyhot.org
Thu Jan 29 00:19:14 EST 2009

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> file sync application
> Alex,
> Alex Pankratov wrote:
> >> The platform is open
> > Kirill, can you please elaborate what this means exactly ?
> It effectively means that everybody can develop software which uses
> connectivity layer (direct P2P links), messaging with group topology 
> management and synchronous data storage. It doesn't mean that the 
> software is open sourced, at least now. This route is being considered 
> seriously but we don't see there a stable business model for us.

Ok, thanks. I hear you re: the business model.

Any thoughts on whether this is going to be a paid service 
and/or whether there are going to be licensing restrictions
(e.g. separate license for commercial usage) ?

Also, when you have the SDK packaged, do you mind posting a 
header file somewhere where it can be viewed without requiring
a registration ? I'm just curious what the API looks like.

In any case - good luck with the project, it's certainly a
very interesting one.


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