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Hi Jacques,

   I guess 1 and 2 can be achieved with any of the common DHTs. But with
3, you are now dealing with node churn. In this case, it gets a little
more complicated. In fact, it may even affect 2. I would suggest you to
read the following preliminary papers to get a perspective of how to
deal with such scenarios. 






   I also have some questions regarding 3. If app234 goes down all of a
sudden, and app745 is expected to update the data to the DHT, I suppose
app745 is updated by app234 itself at every step of the task. How about
updating data from each step to the DHT itself every time? Is that not
an option for your application? I am raising this question because of a
scenario wherein both app234 and app745 goes down. What then? Since you
have not incrementally saved app state to the DHT, everything is now






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Dear p2p-hackers,


For an application I`m wrtting I miss two features.


1) The app needs to be able to locate among the remaining running
applications (same app running around the world, ie app234 and app745)
one that it`ll act as partner to solve the task.

2) After this task is done among other things I have a bunch of data
(small volume) that belong to each node that is affected by the fact
they worked together. So stat stat234 is changed and stat745 is also
changed. Those two sets of data need not be lost and update any previous
version that was around. 

3) If during thet work one of the peers is gone (app234) then app745
needs to be able to update both sets of data (I suppose something like
some time must be waited in order of this set of data be allowed. Maybe
app234 have some time to inform he is still present and this update
needs to be validated by it. If app234 is really gone then after some
time the data updated by app745 (both sets) is valid. I'm afraid that
I'll have a hard time on this topic not being exploitable so, for now,
it's desirable but not needed.


I think I can use DHT to solve 1st task and 2nd task can be solved by
freenet (or similar) by publishing new version of both data.


Its desirable (but not mandatory) that only app234 can be shown as
app234. Also I do not want any central controller, directory, signer or


Not a good example but close to is as follow:


Two person that want to talk. One needs to be able to find the other in
other to directly talk to. The data changed could be something like
people I've talked to list.


Any suggestions ?


Thanks in advance,


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