[p2p-hackers] [Fwd: Re: Why hasn't someone built Freedora or SpotFree?]

Michael Rogers m.rogers at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jan 7 06:44:13 EST 2010

David Barrett wrote:
> The tipping needn't be secret or decentralized; it can happen totally in 
> the clear using a standard, centralized, completely legal and legit web 
> service.  There's no reason to decentralize this part.

Nevertheless, it could be tricky to persuade users to type their credit
card details into an app associated with a taboo word like P2P.

> Hah, no, success is profitability or selling to a bigger sucker. 
> Neither of those have happened, and so far as I can tell, neither will 
> -- the economics of cheap/ad-supported webcasting are simply impossible, 
> and nobody who's tried has ever demonstrated otherwise.  Bleeding 
> through investor money at a frantic pace is not success; it's just 
> slow-motion failure.

I've heard that Spotify has a P2P element to its transport layer, which
would change the economic picture somewhat if true - does anyone have
any more information about that?


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